Transition Landscape Atlas


This website presents fragments of the Transition Landscape Atlas, a design project which entailed the collection, production and editing of diverse research, documentary and video material. The atlas was initiated within the PhD research of Mela Zuljevic to explore the staging of a landscape vision within the UNESCO nomination of the Hoge Kempen Rural-Industrial Transition Landscape for a World Heritage Site. It was imagined as a tool to map how the past is used in this vision and mobilised in staging future development. In tracing how the transition landscape unfolded through history, the atlas engages with how different actors imagine and produce the historical landscape through their own visions and practices. The process entailed archival research, oral history, discourse analysis, interviews and video-making. The atlas was produced in collaboration with Diren Agbaba and Timely Productions, as well as with research supervision by Liesbeth Huybrechts (Spatial Capacity Building - UHasselt).