Andy Peruccon (Malmö University)


I am a design researcher with a BSc in Product and Visual Communication Design from the Polytechnic University of Turin (Italy) and an MSc in Service Systems Design from Aalborg University in Copenhagen (Denmark). Over the years, I have worked on various projects, leveraging methods and tools from critical and speculative design, as well as service systems and transition for social innovation. My focus has been developing strategies, pedagogies, and methodologies to address complex and multifaceted issues impacting our societies.

Currently, I work at Malmö University, where I explore the cultural dimensions of socio-ecological challenges. Specifically, I research the transformative potential of festivals, rituals, and events as vessels for cultural regeneration and world-making. Merging post-humanist philosophies, speculative design and performative arts, I am trying to engage in different contexts across Sweden and Italy to establish new ways of understanding multiple worldviews within humans and beyond-human beings.



2024-03-22 08:20:16

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