Ann Light (Malmö University)


Ann Light is an interaction theorist and professor of design working at University of Sussex, UK, and Malmo University, Sweden. She specializes in participatory practice, human-technology relations and collaborative future-making. Regarding the social and ecological as inextricably linked and believing creative remaking of relations is needed, she is studying cultural aspects of climate care, the stress that current systems put on the planet and more-than-human alternatives. She is co-creator of the CreaTures Framework, part of EU project Creative Practices for Transformative Futures (CreaTures: and recently co-led Social Justice in the Digital Economy (Not-Equal:, a UK platform for research into more equal societies. Her personal Fellowship in the UK examines “The Role of Immersive Participative Techniques in Eco-Social Change”.





2024-03-22 08:20:16

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