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Universiteit Hasselt


2018-02-08 00:55:01
Malmö University

Malmö University is characterized by an interdisciplinary profile and strong commitment in collaborating with different societal actors. The School of Arts and Communication (K3), is...

2024-03-22 10:40:07
Aalborg University

Techno-Anthropology and Participation (TAPAR) is an interdisciplinary research group at the Department of Sustainability and Planning, Aalborg University, that focuses on the relations be...

2024-03-22 12:29:07

Founded in 1962 as University Institute of Social sciences at the initiative of Bruno Kessler, the University of Trento became a state university in 1983, with a charter that guarantees s...

2024-03-22 12:52:03

At UL, you will find a college experience that will challenge and demand the best of you. In return, you will get a top quality education and preparation for life like no other. UL is big enough to...

2024-03-22 13:10:44
Atelier NL

Atelier NL showcases the value of local materials and the graceful subtleties of the natu...

2024-03-22 13:22:46
Peter de Cupere

Peter de Cupere (born 1970 in Leuven, Belgium is an Oldfactory artist who lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium. De Cupere creates work intended to explore experiences of s...

2024-03-22 13:26:31
Kiki en Joost

BRUT collective

BRUT is a dynamic collective of emerging Belgian designers, founded in 2018. The junction of their practices is a natural consequence of their similarities in id...

2024-03-22 13:38:42
Livinglab Leemsteen

Clay brick is a circular building material that can reduce the materials footprint and CO2 emissions of the construction sector
Within the VLAIO Living Lab Circular Economy VAN AARDE NAAR WAARDE...

2024-03-22 13:42:43

The VAKlab positions itself as a hub around craftsmanship in Limburg. By doing so, they want to make the step to entrepreneurship more concrete and accessible. The project focuses on informing, mot...

2024-03-22 13:47:31
Studio Plastique

We are dedicated to designing sustain­able and empathic processes, materials, products, and environ­ments through collabo­rations across disciplines.


2024-03-22 13:52:42