Liesbeth Huybrechts


Liesbeth Huybrechts is Associate Professor and works in the areas of participatory design, design anthropology and spatial transformation processes in the research group Arck, University of Hasselt. She has developed a research interest in collectivity and commons in city and region-making which she explores in several research and educational projects. This had led for instance to the creation of the Living Lab 'De Andere Markt', a space that explores the future of work in the city.




2019-08-21 14:01:09

Regional cases about the politics of "translation"

2021-08-16 09:34:19

The Politics of Design: Act 1 Exhibition


2021-05-20 09:26:25

Ontologising as a Political Attitude

2021-05-20 10:05:56

Politics of Translation


2021-08-13 12:55:59

North-South Limburg - A Bicycle Library as part of a Platform On Mobility

2021-05-20 09:08:43

WEGENWERKEN - Mapping as caring for, about and with the slow city

2021-08-13 13:55:06

North-South Limburg in Translation - Correspondences between Neighbourhoods and Large-Scale Spatial Transformations

2021-08-13 16:26:44

Koolmijnlaan - Mapping Radical Interdependencies