ConstructLab - Building the Invisible


‘DISplay’ is a project initiated by Constructlab and Z33 in the summer of 2019. The project aimed to activate the triangular walled garden in the city center, which forms a unique oasis in a stark contrast with the industrious Hasselt. Through carefully constructing a temporary meeting place in the garden the project visualises different invisible and social networks between the garden and the city. It uses these fragile relations as a starting point to co-create an open construction site as a vehicle to reach and activate existing and non-existing spheres and networks in (and outside) the city.



2020-04-02 16:00:31

Politics of Care


2020-04-17 12:29:45

Bert De Backer

2020-04-17 12:30:13


2021-08-26 13:20:35

Bert Villa (Constructlab)