Chiara Bassetti (UniTrento)


Chiara Bassetti is Associate Professor at the Department of Sociology and Social Research of the University of Trento, where she serves as Vice-Coordinator of the PhD Programme and as Deputy Director of the M.A. Programme in Sociology and Social Research. An ethnographer and ethnomethodologist, often working in interdisciplinary teams, her main research focus rests on social interaction, cultural phenomena and collaborative practices.  She is particularly interested in the performative, embodied and affective aspects of interaction and the role of artefacts and technologies at the workplace and in learning.  Empirically, her research ranges from creative practices and performing arts such as dance and music, to complex socio-technical systems such as medical emergency centres and airport security, to the home, sociable interaction and intimate relationships. Chiara has covered leadings roles in interdisciplinary projects exploring everyday collaboration in grassroots initiatives for socio-economic innovation (EU-ICT-2015 PIE News; COST Action “From sharing to Caring”). She is Co-Editor in Chief of the journal Etnografia e Ricerca Qualitativa.



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